The prices vary from min €50 to max €130 for double room per night (not per person) and from min €75 to max €180 for triple room per night (not per person) if you stay longer. Prices subject to change according to the periods and the events going on in Milan.

Milan,like many cities in Italy and in the world,has introduced a Tax for tourists.Amount of EUR 2,00 per night

Payment in advance of 50 % for all the booked rooms must be done with:
  • VISA
  • Carta Si
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
To cancel a booking you should read the regulations.

The owners B&B DIAFLO are happy to be your hosts and assert the following internal regulations:


B&B is a house or a private flat in which the guests are offered one or two bedrooms and breakfast.
The kitchen is there to be used only by the owners in order to prepare your breakfast excepting some agreements.
At your arrival at B& B everyone’s papers must be shown for registration from all the booked rooms.
Payment of the extra money for all the booked rooms must be done cash to the owner on your arrival and must not be paid back not only partially if rooms are not used, in case you are supposed to leave the hotel earlier.
The key of the room will be handed on your arrival day so you can come back to the hotel at any time.
Being a family business the reception desk’s clerks are not available 24 hours a day. That’s why you are asked politely to announce your arrival on the phone at least 2 hours before. To arrive to the flat and not to announce before can cause waiting longer. Such a mistake can hardly be considered a reason for complaints or a pretext for receiving money back.
Animals are not allowed inside.


The use of the kitchen is allowed only by the owner.
Entering the house is allowed only to the persons registered on their arrival.
If you want to have lunch or dinner brought from outside you can do this only in the room you are supposed to have breakfast (after you have announced the owners before).
Smoking is not allowed inside as there are smoke detectors.
Please check if all water taps have been turned off after you have used the bathroom.
Avoid throwing things which can block the pumps, the sink, the tube or the toilet.


The damage caused to the flat, once we have established your responsibilities must be solved by the responsible person according to the owners’ claims.
Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and they must pay for the eventual damage caused by heir kids.
We are not responsible for the losing, theft, destroyed objects left in your room. The valuables can be trusted to the owner for free.


Between 20-30 days before arrival no penalty
Between 12-19 days before your arrival 50% from the first night for all the booked rooms
Between 7 and 11 days before your arrival the cost of the first night for all the booked rooms
Between 48 hours and 7 days before arrival the entire costs for the whole period for all the rooms
Anticipated departures represent damage to us as long as we can’t afford to host in a short time other persons in the free rooms; so you will not receive any money from the payment.
Please, take into account that B & B is not a hotel but a private house endowed with just a few rooms.
NO SHOW: not announcing your giving up to accommodation causes the payment of the entire costs for the entire period for all the rooms.

Obeying the internal rules is compulsory. If you don’t respect the rules we are obliged not to agree to your staying in our house.

Booking to B & B Diaflo you agree internal regulations. For any further information we are at your disposal. Thank you for choosing to stay at DIAFLO Milano and we wish you a pleasant staying!